Practice Schedule:

The majority of our practices will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm - 8:00pm in the wrestling room of the Penn Manor High School.

However, due to scheduling conflicts, when gym space is unavailable on those days, a practice will be held on Monday and/ or Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm, possibly at an alternative location. Please see the schedule page for your color group’s practice schedule and location. 

If there is NO School (Scheduled or canceled due to weather) or school is dismissed early for inclement weather, we DO NOT have practice on that day. We will not make up practice for weather cancellations.

Keep Up to Date with Text Alerts: Text pmwrestling to 84483 for updates when Practice is canceled due to weather. 

Practice Rules

Wrestlers should be on time and ready to wrestle at 6:30PM. No wrestler may leave the wrestling room without permission from a coach first. All wrestlers are expected to give complete attention to the coaches at all time. Horseplay will not be tolerated. Wrestlers that are unable to comply with the above rules may be removed from the wrestling program.

Our wrestling practices are closed practices. Only wrestlers and coaches with background clearances are permitted in the wrestling room during practice time. Parents, non-wrestling siblings, or others are NOT permitted in the wrestling room during practice. If you need to wait at the school for your wrestler’s practice to end, you may wait in the hallway outside of the wrestling room. 

Practice Attire

Wrestlers should wear a t-shirt and athletic shorts. A wrestling singlet is acceptable as well.  Wrestling shoes are recommended, but not mandatory. If not wearing wrestling shoes, clean sneakers should be worn. No jewelry, garments with zippers, or hats may be worn during practice.


Wrestling is a sport that involves a high amount of skin to skin contact, sweat, and occasionally blood. All wrestlers should have any skin wound, no matter how small, bandaged and taped. Fingernails should be trimmed short.  After wrestling in a practice or tournament, wrestlers should bathe as soon as possible. All wrestling attire should be cleaned after each use. Any child with a skin condition such as ring worm or impetigo may not wrestler unless a Doctor’s clearance is given.

Contact Information

The coaches of the Penn Manor Youth Wrestling Club are unpaid volunteers. However, we still invite and encourage your comments and questions during the season. We appreciate your respectful input. Coaches are generally available either before or after practice to answer questions. I also invite you to email, text or call me directly if you need. We look forward to fun and successful season for all.

Jason Fellenbaum (717-940-8795)

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